When discussing the concept of a prefinished product, I am often met with a quizzical look.  This holds true with general contractors, carpenters, and homeowners.  The idea of allowing the installation of doors and millwork after all other trades seems foreign and possibly disastrous.

These reactions are common but incorrect; going the prefinished route not only looks fantastic but also saves a good chunk of time and headache for your general contractor. It keeps excessive paint fumes out of your new home and dramatically reduces scrap material from fabrication. For example, at Trimtek we do not deliver our home packages until after all other trades have finished including carpeting.  All of our doors are pre-hung, painted or stained per customer specification, AND pretrimmed. This allows for the installation of a completely finished door with casings in under 15 minutes.  Then, with a few minutes of caulking, the door is complete with no need for any additional work (i.e. prep/sand edges, spray or clean). Using this system allows an installer to take the term ‘finish carpentry’ literally. Not only do you avoid the hassle of having to mask off all doors and millwork, you also avoid the onsite fabrication of window full wrap trims. With our system we measure all window dimensions and jamb depths ahead of time and deliver the window wrap trims to your job site completely fabricated, resulting in an install time of around 10 minutes.

With the ease and speed of installing a Trimtek millwork package, it makes for an excellent final touch on a new home.